Great Job!

Hi everyone! We just completed our first evenings at St. Monica's and St. Blaise with many returning and new participants.  The first week is always a bit rusty (especially for me), but everything will become more comfortable as we go along.  In Week II, I will explain a bit more about how to understand square... Continue Reading →

Magnificat Pronunciation

We introduced the Canticle of Mary in Latin this past Friday, which we will continue using for the remaining Lenten Vespers.  Although the melody will change each week, getting a handle on the pronunciation will make a world of difference.  Here is a wonderful video I came across to help with this endeavor: [Please note:... Continue Reading →


We are coming up to Friday in the Third Week of Lent; half-way through our time in the desert (there are five weeks in Lent, not including Holy Week).  This Friday, we will be meeting at St. Mary's Cemetery Chapel for the Prep class at 6, and with Vespers starting at 7:15ish (I'm aiming to... Continue Reading →

Resource for meditation

Hi all, I just thought it might be helpful to offer one of the resources I consult for meditating on the Psalms.  I have been using this site, which organized the reflections given by St. John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI on the Psalms of Morning and Evening Prayer into a very handy format.... Continue Reading →

Friday after Ash Wednesday

Hello all, I'm looking forward to getting together this Friday for Vespers.  We have the preparation class at 6 pm in Mary's room, and Vespers will begin in the Church shortly after the 7 pm Stations of the Cross has finished.  I will get all of the important stuff out of the way by 6:50,... Continue Reading →

To sum up…

Thank you all for taking part in praying Vespers during this Advent season!  I just wanted to share a closing reflection, also taken from The Seven Bells of Bethlehem: Giving an overview of the Antiphon titles: "As Wisdom He is known to us through His teaching.  As Adonai (Lord), His personal identity is revealed as... Continue Reading →

Getting closer to Christmas!

Thank you all for taking part in praying Vespers these past few weeks!  It is wonderful to see some new faces and to share in this joyful preparation for the Nativity of Our Lord.  I just wanted to offer a few things before we conclude our time together this season:  If you are wondering where... Continue Reading →

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