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Beautiful job last night! Thank you all for taking part - I received many positive responses - even from those who were only able to join us for the last couple of candles.   It was a pleasure praying with all of you.  I look forward to our next opportunity. Have a joyful and blessed Easter!!

Psalm 21(22)

I know, I've already given you a lot of lectures to enrich our prayer, but I'm hoping you will be open to one more. This lecture (also with the ICC - no, they're not paying me) was given last Sunday.  It places Christ's reference to Psalm 22 within the larger context of His humanity/temptation/suffering/hope. Continue Reading →

A little context for Matins…

We have a lot of ground to cover during our 7-7:45 preparation class on Good Friday, and I would hate for our focus on the chants to prevent us from engaging with the heart of the prayer.  I will offer some notes as we go along, but for a better understanding of what we are... Continue Reading →


Here is the practice material for the Canticle of Zachariah.  A helpful way to remember that jump from "re" to "la" in the second syllable is to think of the Star Wars song - once you have the movement from the low note to the high note in your head, it will be much easier... Continue Reading →

Antiphon melodies

Why do we solfege?  It is the best way for us to both learn each note of the melody with accuracy, as well as strengthen our ability to learn chants in the future. Thus, I provided the melody with the solfege underneath, and then included an audio that you can practice with.  Listen as you... Continue Reading →

Just a helpful perspective…

I came across this Holy Week schedule from 1936  on the New Liturgical Movement, which you all might find interesting and helpful:  As you can see, Tenebrae is celebrated for Holy Thursday, Good Friday,  and Holy Saturday - but they begin on Wednesday.  That is because Compline (night prayer - celebrated at 5:15pm on this... Continue Reading →

Tenebrae: Reproaches review

Beautiful job at Vespers last Friday!  I think that we have a solid foundation for Tenebrae and we are off to a good start.  Check out the previous post for the intro on what we will be doing on Good Friday.  Here is what was introduced this past Friday - an audio of the melody... Continue Reading →

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