About the hymn…

I thought it would be good to include a little more info about the hymn that we have been singing.  It is a translation of the 9th-century hymn, Iesu, quadragenariae. Here is a video of the Latin, sung during Vespers in Rome.  I included the melody under the video, along with the Latin, our translation,... Continue Reading →

Ordinary Chants for the Mass

We are blessed at St. Monica's and St. Blaise to be singing the Ordinary parts of the Mass in Latin during this season (and often during the season of Advent).  The Ordinaries (put to music in different Mass settings) are the parts which do not change - as opposed to the Propers, which are particular... Continue Reading →

Square Notes Podcast

I've added a podcast to the resource page which you might find interesting.   Square Notes: the Sacred Music Podcast was launched very recently, and plans to discuss topics such as Church documents on sacred music, the music of certain composers or eras, Gregorian chant, the role of music in Catholic education, and techniques for... Continue Reading →

On praying Antiphonally…

Antiphonal singing is when the choir is divided into two groups, with the sides alternating for each verse. [We generally have the lower voices on the left, facing the tabernacle, and the higher voices on the right to make it easier for the voices to blend.] Although there is no break between verses [while one... Continue Reading →

Chant basics with the Pater Noster

Hi everyone! We will be beginning this next series of Vespers soon, so I wanted to go over a little basics for reading chant notation (square notes). If you are not familiar with chant notation, here are some points for where it differs from modern notation ("round notes"): 4 line staff - only 4 lines... Continue Reading →

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

I just wanted to extend an extra "Thank you" to everyone who took part in Advent Vespers this past season.  It has been wonderful preparing for the joy of Christmas with all of you! There is a good possibility we will be able to offer Vespers during Lent at both locations, so keep an eye... Continue Reading →

Just a fun find

I came across this article on New Liturgical Movement about the O antiphons... http://www.newliturgicalmovement.org/2018/12/a-medieval-liturgical-commentary-on-o.html ...the article presents some additional information regarding how the O antiphons were incorporated in prayer during the medieval times. What I found particularly interesting was that in the monastery, they would assign individuals to intone the antiphon for that day based... Continue Reading →

3rd Sunday of Advent and O Antiphons

Hey everyone! Here is the schedule for this week: Gaudete Sunday (16th) at St. Monica's - 6:30 prep class, followed by 7:30 Vespers Monday (17th) through Sunday (23rd) at St. Blaise - starting at 7:30 each evening, we will have a brief reflection on the Old Testament title for the Messiah presented in the O... Continue Reading →

Great Job!

Hi everyone! We just completed our first evenings at St. Monica's and St. Blaise with many returning and new participants.  The first week is always a bit rusty (especially for me), but everything will become more comfortable as we go along.  In Week II, I will explain a bit more about how to understand square... Continue Reading →

Getting ready…

Hey everyone! I'm excited we will be offering more opportunities to chant Vespers this season.  We will be at St. Monica's on Sundays (Dec 2, 9, 16), and at St. Blaise on Wednesdays (Dec 5, 12) and for the O Antiphon days (Dec 17-23).  Visit the About page for the Church addresses.   A preparation... Continue Reading →

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